Solar Financing

Acquire complete Solar Systems at subsidized rates through Solar Studio

Solar Financing

Solar Studio, AEDB and PEC certified, has setup collaboration with leading banks in Pakistan to facilitate their consumers in financing a Solar System. This provides Consumers with the option of installing Solar System today and paying for it later on installments at subsidized mark ups. And best thing is that there is no Collateral required!

Consumers pay small fixed monthly installments to the bank for a specified tenure, enabling them to acquire a fully functional complete Solar System with little upfront payment. Consumers can also setup Net Metering Services through Solar Studio to  generate free electricity for lifetime and get zero or in some cases even negative bills.

Here are some of the highlights of Solar Financing offered by the banks:

Flexible Tenure

Between 3 and 5 years, as per consumer’s preference

Subsidised Mark up

4%-6% per annum.

Financing Limit

Rs. 500,000/- to Rs. 2,500,000/-

No Collateral Required

Solar System itself acts as collateral