Solar Studio offers custom innovative services in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural domains. Connect with us today to see how we can help you lead a clean, sustainable energy lifestyle. 

Residential Installation - Solar Studio

Solar technologies can retract the sun's energy to light an entire house, produce hot water, heat homes, run your entertainment systems, and power all your home appliances.


Cost of running an industry on a national level often puts colossal debts onto countries, if not managed properly; this has the potential to downgrade the economy. Solar energy is an easy route that provides an alternate to increased bills and negative environmental impact. Going Green with Solar studio means you can run your business without worrying about paying hundreds of thousands in energy

Industrial Installation - Solar Studio
Commercial Installation - Solar Studio

Solar Studio Commercial Solutions has the ability to tailor a system to meet your energy-saving objectives and provide a full turnkey service for your large-scale PV installation, whether you're powering an entire skyscraper or a retail boutique.


Agriculture is an essential revenue provider in Pakistan. Almost all the Agriculture takes place in the Countryside; in small villages and towns. Providing sufficient power to these territories can cost a tremendous amount of money; and the whole sector is largely dependent on a ready supply of water. Since there is no shortage of sunlight in these areas, Why not allow the Sun to provide us with energy to keep the industry running, using eco friendly and cost efficient means of power production.

Agricultural Installation - Solar Studio
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